A Good SEO Process: What is Expected from It?

The technical optimization consists of optimizing the code of the website in order to maximize the performance and remove the technical barriers related to SEO. With plutus mark seo let us explore the options.

The technical optimizations are to realize:

Server side: the application that manages the website needs to be optimized for maximum performance. Beyond the application, it is sometimes necessary to optimize the server itself (optimization of Apache configuration, server cache)

Client side: it is essential that the HTML code of the website is “clean” and optimized. In addition, the “client-side” language should not use technologies that are not made for SEO.

Typically, technologies such as Flash or AJAX are not planned natively for SEO. It is therefore necessary to take into account the natural referencing criteria before implementing these technologies on your website. There are often “patches” or tips to make the technology compatible with the “crawl” of search engines.

Technical optimization also includes structuring the content of the pages of the site by, among other things, the semantic markup of the content (the use of Hn). This markup allows Google to understand the structuring of your pages. It is from this markup that the engine determines its preponderant content.

  • Technical optimization is therefore the first brick of your SEO strategy. Indeed, if your site is impervious to search engines, it cannot be indexed and therefore it cannot be positioned in the search engines.
  • Once the site is technically optimized, it will be necessary to optimize its content. And the third step is creating popularity via link building strategies.
  • SEO is free and works on the long term. Unlike advertising tools that offer rapid growth, temporary but also pay, SEO is working continuously.

The sooner you start this project, the more its effects will be significant and the longer they will fit in. SEO services UK

Working on SEO means working on the content of your site, its architecture, its design, its images and also its visibility. The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization is to raise your site in search engine visibility.

This is not an absolute visibility: You work on your SEO in relation to certain keywords. As you know, people find your site by typing some keywords on Google. It is therefore necessary to find the keywords most relevant to your site.

Being aware of this, you must understand that the traffic that SEO can bring you is targeted and qualified!

Indeed, when users type keywords on Google that can bring them to your site (or that of your competitors) they are applicants for your services: These are prospects just waiting to be seduced by your offer.

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