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Effective Local SEO
  • Do you feel like your local business is not growing as fast as you would want it to?

  • Have you tried various methods of attracting clients with no satisfactory results?

My name is Tomasz Opalinski

and I help business owners just like you to generate more clients and visitors with reliability through digital marketing.

Tomasz’s results speak for themselves. I got more from this partnership than expected. I can recommend Tomasz and his agency to anyone looking for reliable SEO work.

Bryan Post, Purple Cow

Throughout the time we have worked together, Tomasz was very quick to respond and constantly kept me in a loop. He gets my highest recommendation and respect.

Stella Astor, Norwich City Council

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Our Guarantee

Our Proven Process


During introductory meeting, we collect necessary information about the business, clients, and competition.


We thoroughly analyze the market and design a strategy that utilizes the most effective tools to increase exposure.


We implement our strategy methodically by leveraging social media, local citations and content creation in order to establish a powerful online brand.


Effective Local SEO uses innovative methods to create an extensive network of web properties that solidify and expand online presence of the business.


We leverage the power of multiple online properties to dominate Google Search by ranking not only in nr.1 position but the entire first page for target keywords.

Effective Local SEO

In A Nut Shell

Effective Local SEO

          Local SEO helps customers to easily find your local business online. Although there are many parts of optimization for local search, the simplest explanation of this concept is contained in only two words: Clarity and Trust. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that search engine “sees” the website differently than you and I. We can enjoy stunning web designs that are filled with images and videos. Unfortunately, our friendly neighborhood search engine, Mr. Google, can only understand titles, headers and other descriptive text found on a website that is often hidden to the human eye. In truth, many seemingly beautiful pages are often very confusing and disorganized to search engines. It is because a lot of page components are inappropriately labeled or missing altogether.

          Even better understanding of the webpage is determined by examining what other sites are “saying” about it. Remember how references played a big role in your job interview? Well, Mr. Google gathers information about the nature and quality of the page from other websites. Then, it determines what kind of “entity” your website is. Effective Local SEO, therefore, is essentially making sure that a website is very easily “understood” by a search engine; hence the word Clarity.

Trust Is a Local Ranking Factor

          Trust is another crucial part of Google ranking. Determining the level of trust of a local webpage is much like you and I do it among people. Usually, the longer we know somebody, the more trustworthy that particular person seems to us. Similarly, the older the webpage is, Google places more trust in it, effectively ranking it higher. This can take a long time, however, and just because the site exists for a long time doesn’t mean it automatically needs to be trusted.SEO Local Rankings

Be Careful Who You Are Associating With

          Another more powerful way to determine website’s trust is illustrated by the famous quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, by Jim Rohn. So, the same way you don’t want to be associated with wrong or shady people, you really want to avoid linking to, or connecting with bad quality web pages and, if it’s possible, prevent them from linking to you. Having good and trustworthy sites connected to yours makes you look very good in Google’s eyes, which in turn always translates to higher rankings. In fact, the quality of your online relationships is so important, that it is often the main focus some of the most Effective Local Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Effective Optimization for Search Engines

Ranking For Hundreds Of Different Keywords At The Same Time

          In the end, once Mr. Google is absolutely sure what the page is about and knows trustworthy it really is, it determines its rankings for what people are searching for, or keywords/keyphrases they type in the search box. Whenever you try to find anything online, you usually tend to type words or phrases relevant to your topic into a search box. A search engine like Google scan their database and show you resources that would most likely contain the desired information. Those words and phrases used in search boxes are crucial when determining which websites are listed on results pages and therefore are called keywords or keyphrases.

Local Keyword Optimization

          Choosing the right set of keywords for a business webpage can make a tremendous difference in the amount of traffic, or visitors it receives. Optimizing your keywords, therefore, can have a significant impact on bringing a lot of potential customers to your site. That is how Effective Local SEO work. If you want to learn more about web optimization, send us an email with a question and we will gladly answer it. You can also utilize great learning tools available for free, such as MOZ or SEO by the Sea, to find the answer yourself.

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